Already One Year!

On this anniversary of Meals on Wheels, I’d like to thank all of the volunteers and other participants in this fascinating and enriching activity.
Last year I had the pleasure of making five deliveries of nice hot meals to people experiencing a loss of independence. I felt useful and appreciated. I enjoyed celebrating the birthdays of some of our clients and being a confidant to others. I also had the pleasure of meeting great people and bringing them a smile and my support. Nothing is more stimulating than being able to give to others what I was fortunate enough to receive myself as a visually impaired person. It’s what I’d like to call “paying it forward”.
Also, since deliveries were made on tandem bicycles (21 km in total), I was able to stay in shape while pedaling with a volunteer from the ASAM (Association des Sports pour Aveugles de Montréal).
Thank you to everyone behind the scenes of the organizations working together for the well-being of people in need. I know there are many of you, so I won’t make a list of names in case I forget any.

Long live Meals on Wheels!


 By André Beaudoin,
volunteer at the
Buffets Insère-Jeunes Meals on Wheels